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Find parts quick to quote customers on the fly, no more having to call back your customer and potentially have them move on to the next vendor on their list

Use to configure and quote entire models

Use “get pricing” link to find corresponding price on the industry’s premier broker-to-broker site

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No need to get the description from your customer, then have to go online to find the part, then go out and find pricing.

Simply type in the requested model or the description of the part you need, find the part, click on “get pricing” all while your customer is on hold, then just close the deal, all in under 2 minutes

Get Started: Free Trial is a website designed to assist IT Professionals and Wholesale Brokers determine the various part numbers that go into the different models of servers for IBM xSeries, IBM pSeries and HP Proliant machines. Simply type in or scroll down to the IBM or HP model you want to inquire about and all the parts available for that model will be at your fingertips!