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We make finding model information easier!

Partreference.com is a unique site designed to assist IT professionals reference various part numbers for all types of IBM xSeries, IBM pSeries and HP Proliant models. We thrive on offering our customers precise and accurate information pertaining to all IBM models and their specific part numbers.

Why choose Partreference.com over our competition:

  • We offer more information pertaining to each individual IBM and HP model, including pictures and similar products if the exact one you are looking for is not available for some reason
  • While offering more valuable information, we also provide the information in an easier-to-use format than our competition
  • We offer a convenient way to get pricing from the industry leader in B2B computer sales
  • We also are web based making it easy to access our site from any computer or any mobile device making it easier for you to close deals while away from the office
  • Finally, we offer all of our services at a substantial discount to our competition

Partreference.com is determined to give our customers the most detailed and up-to-date information pertaining to IBM and HP models and relevant part numbers. You can be assured as IBM and HP release new models, their information and part numbers will be on our site ready for you to use!

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